Fuyang District Lushan Street Trade Union Held a Workers’ Medical Aid Meeting at Zhejiang Yongsheng Co., Ltd.

On the morning of November 10, the Lushan Street Federation of Trade Unions held the Lushan Street General Trade Union Conference on the workstation of Hangzhou Yongsheng Science and Technology Co., Ltd. – Hangzhou CPPCC Committee. The leaders of the street trade union, the members of the street trade union, and some managers of industrial parks attended the meeting. meeting.

Meeting venue

At the meeting, Chen Binghong, chairman of the Lushan Sub-Council of Trade Unions, first publicized the notice of the General Labor Union of Fuyang District of Hangzhou about forwarding the “Notice on Further Strengthening the File Management of Difficult Employees” issued by Hangzhou Federation of Trade Unions, and revising the medical treatment of employees in Hangzhou. “Notice of the Implementing Rules of the Mutual Aid Safeguard Measures” notice, the street trade union will better serve the city’s trade union members, standardize the process of medical employees’ mutual assistance for participation in insurance and subsidies, and realize the benign operation of mutual aid funds. Subsequently, Huang Zhiping, Vice Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Fuyang District, combed and assigned the next step of the Lushan Street Federation of Trade Unions and answered the questions raised by everyone in response to the trade union issues.

Zhejiang Yongsheng Co., Ltd., as a member of the Hangzhou CPPCC station, focused on the work report of the Eighth Standing Committee of the CPPCC in Fuyang District, fully completed the work of the General Trade Union of Fuyang District in Hangzhou, actively fulfilled the duties of the CPPCC members’ workstations, and set up contacts with entrepreneurs. The bridge link of the grassroots.

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